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Belkin F5L071ak200W AC Anywhere USB Port

Belkin F5L071ak200W AC Anywhere USB Port

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Product Overview

Now you can power your electronic devices on the go while in car through your cigarette lighter assembly (CLA). The built-in USB port allows you to charge your MP3/MP4 player and cell phone simultaneously while you power your laptop.

The Belkin AC Anywhere USB Port is just what you need if you find yourself travelling a lot without enough phone battery. Simply plug the unit into any 12-volt DC vehicle cigarette lighter socket, and the AC Anywhere converts your vehicle's battery power to 230 volts AC (common household current.) The AC Anywhere is perfect for charging batteries for your mobile phone, portable computers, electric shavers, TV/VCRs, and virtually any device. The AC Anywhere inverter features a convenient On/Off switch and fuse protection along with an audible alarm that sounds if the vehicle battery voltage drops to 10.6 volts DC

  • MacBook Air

  • MacBook Pro

  • MacBook Air 11

  • MacBook Air 13

  • MacBook Pro 13

  • MacBook Pro 15

  • MacBook Pro 17

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