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Iriver P7 8GB Flash Portable Media Player

Iriver P7 8GB Flash Portable Media Player

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Product Overview

Big screen brilliance with simplicity in spades

The P7 is one of those players that comes along once in every while that you feel will stand out from the crowd. Often, it's at the detriment of the usability and versatility of the player, but in this case, it makes it much more complete and a real joy to use.

The bare facts are that this is a 4.3 touchscreen media player, with great video support and Flash based memory (up to 16GB). It features the important flexibility of additional memory expansion, via microSD. iRiver fulfil expectations with a wide range of functionality and features, but this isn't the main talking point of the player.The really unique feature is the User Interface iRiver call this Magazine UI. It makes the process of navigating and using the player much more familiar to more people, by arranging items in a Magazine layout big panel icons and thumbnail images with useful information arranged around the screen in a really simple and attractive way.This obviously makes full use of the fact that the 4.3 screen is all touch enabled, allowing infinite variation in the control layout making each function of the player as straightforward to use as possible.

And what a list of functions it is...

Movie Player:

Common to recent iRiver players, the P7 has great video file compatibility. Native support for the following list of Codecs: AVI, MP4, DAT, MPG, WMV, RM/RMVB, 3GP,K3G, FLV. Great Resolution at 480x272 pixels. Simple movie transfer just drag and drop.

Audio Player:

iRiver have long been known as a company to trust with Audio quality and the P7 doesn't let the side down. Impressive file support features: MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, FLAC. Notable here, is the support for FLAC files, a recent addition to iRiver's file support list. FLAC is a free codec, totally lossless so the file it creates does not remove any audio information from the original source. Obviously, this results in larger files than an average quality MP3, but they are still much smaller than an uncompressed file.Audio reproduction is faultless using the SRS WOW technology and iRiver's superb hardware, it's hard to find a player that sounds as good as the P7.

Battery Life:

Stunning longevity for such a big screen player. We're looking at a 35 hour battery life for audio just amazing in a player with a 4.3 LCD screen and it really does show the advantages of Flash memory over hard drives. Video playback gives you an equally impressive 7 hour battery life. Watch full length movie after full length movie without having to recharge.

Additional Features:

Of course, an iRiver isn't an iRiver without lots more under the hood to keep you entertained. In addition to its core media playing functions, the P7 has many more, including: FM Radio, Picture Viewer, including a slideshow function, FM Radio Recorder (in WMV), Voice Recording (in WMA), Text Viewer, Built-in Speaker & Memory Expansion. Overall, the P7 is the player to pick when you want an easy-to-use powerhouse with great flexibility, glossy looks, lots of functions and the technical hardware to back up the range of features.

  • Flash Based Portable Media Player with microSD Expansion
  • Touch Screen control with revolutionary 'Magazine' User Interface
  • FM Radio Feature
  • Wide audio and video file compatibility
  • 4.3" screen, but still small enough to be easlily pocketable

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