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Sony USB DAC Headphone Amplifier PHA-2A

Sony USB DAC Headphone Amplifier PHA-2A

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Sony USB DAC Headphone Amplifier PHA-2A
Sony USB DAC Headphone Amplifier PHA-2A

Product Overview

Sony USB DAC Headphone Amplifier PHA-2A

Get more from your headphones Breathe new life into your music collection with the PHA-2A headphone amplifier. Just plug in your amp and discover the difference of balanced sound and High-Resolution Audio. Sit back, relax and enjoy music that’s closer to the original recording.

Direct Stream Digital

Hear the authentic, intimate detail of analog sound from your digital audio with Double DSD (5.6 MHz) and DSD (2.8 MHz) high-quality digital audio coding.

Balanced connection

The newly developed Φ4.4mm balanced connection cable separates left and right sound signals, while minimising signal transmission loss and resulting sound deterioration.

Pulse Code Modulation

Enjoy the best possible sound quality through a range of Sony devices and smartphones with up to 192 kHz / 32-bit PCM encoding.

Discover balanced audio

A balanced connection separates audio channels, eliminating interference. This ensures a distinct tone and enhanced dynamic range within an expansive acoustic field.

Pure sound meets precision engineering

Discover how developments in design make the PHA-2A easier to control, more intuitive to handle and a pleasure to listen to.

Small, light and durable

With the lightweight chassis and silicone band, you can easily carry the amp with you. Its rugged aluminium case protects it from everyday knocks and shocks.

Product Details
  • High-Resolution Audio compatible

  • Drive headphones with more power than portable devices

  • Compatible with USB Audio, PCM 192 kHz/32-bit, DSD 2.8MHz, 5.6 MHz

  • Listen to music from PC, Smartphones and WALKMAN®

  • Up to five hours of balanced audio connection

  • Frequency Response (HZ) 10-100kHz (Analog Section)

  • Weight : 290g

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