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About Us

We are no more than consumers like you. Always searching for the lowest possible price for something we want. Even more, we want to make sure the seller is a legitimate business with sound background. We wasted much time and efforts just for researching, commuting and bargaining when making a purchase. Things could get even worse when we found out later that the product was reconditioned!

At, relax and let us do the work for you. We want to make your shopping experience as easy as a breeze. You can easily browse through our products with our user-friendly website and be assured of our prices are competitively low and save you money! All our products are genuine and comes with the original manufacturer’s warranty. Please read more about our “Customer Satisfaction” for your peace of mind to shop with us.

Currently, we are working hard to expand our product offerings. We want to create a unique and convenient shopping experience for you. We love to hear from you and you can write to us at We will try our best to serve your needs. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Always.

~ Founders of

Q. What is the meaning of your company name CRESDO?
A. The name is derived from an Italian term "crescendo" that is commonly used in music, meaning "a gradual increase". In an analogy, we will do our best to offer more and more products/services so our customers can benefit from our low prices and the convenience of online shopping!

Sole Distributor (Malaysia) for

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