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Become A Merchant

What is Merchant Programme?
We pride ourselves to be the FIRST online shopping website in Malaysia that carries a full range of consumer electronics, with more than 15,000 products and related accessories. Our secure in-house platform has allowed us to perform thousands of online transactions and shipment tracking. The system currently supports credit card and bank transfer as immediate payment modes for faster checkout.

And now, (drums roll...), we open our infrastructure to the public, to sell online on website! Merchants now can leverage on our platform to sell their products without any IT knowledge or worries about online scams/frauds. As a merchant, you can finally focus on what you do best, marketing and selling your products.

The merchant programme includes a backend portal to manage product catalogue, promotion, and pricing. Therefore, you have total control over them.

Okay, I get the idea. Any other benefits?
None. You are on your own.

Just kidding, of course! Here is a summary:
  1. Leverage on proven e-commerce platform and technology
  2. Worry-free of credit card frauds and other online security loopholes
  3. Fastest time to market compared to developing an in-house solution
  4. Internet exposure and marketing
  5. Participation in marketing activities
  6. Last but not least, you can now sleep tight at night...

I'm sold. Please tell me more!
To protect our customers, we do have certain requirements:
  1. Must own a retail storefront (except for distributors or wholesalers alike)
  2. Must submit proper supporting documents
  3. Last but not least, you must be a human! Yeah, we are getting a lot of inquiries from Mars aliens.

You guys can't be doing this for free, can you?
Well, we only charge a nominal one-time non-refundable setup fee instead of yearly recurring fee. The setup fee includes insertion of one hundred products to get you started. Also, for every online transaction, there will be a commission fee. So, if we don't sell your products, you absolutely don't have to pay us anything (except for the setup fee)!

I want to sign up!!! Contact details please...
Please e-mail our merchant processing department at We are happy to have you on board!

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