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Advantages of Buying Original Phones


If you buy an original set, the warranty is covered by the appointed authorized service centers for one year. The warranty includes LCD screen damage (except for spills or drop).

If you buy an AP set, the warranty is provided by the physical shop where you bought the phone. Many do not offer LCD and accessories coverage. Also, you run into the risk of losing the warranty if the shop changes hand.


While many claim that the phones are new, some substitute with the reconditioned ones without your knowledge. We acknowledge such business practice is unethical, however, that's the way those sellers make huge profit. In addition, most accessories like battery, charger, etc are not genuine, which means their operating lives will be shorter compared to the original ones.

For your information, Cresdo only carries ORIGINAL phones. So, that means you can service your phone at any authorized service centers under the one-year warranty. Also, everything comes in the package is new and original.

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