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Kyocera Ceramic Rolling Sharpener (Black) MS-18-BK

Kyocera Ceramic Rolling Sharpener (Black) MS-18-BK

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Product Overview

Taking the supreme sharpness of ceramic, Kyocera designed the Stainless Steel Blade Sharpener. Featuring an ergonomic handle, the compact sharpener is easy to hold and use. Rest the sharpener on a counter or cutting board, hold it secure and run any of your stainless steel blades through for a quick and easy honing of any dull blade edge. Smooth spinning action for consistency of sharpness, the inner sharpening wheel is made of ceramic, a natural material second in hardness only to diamonds, which is perfect for renewing the razor sharp edge of any stainless steel blade. A plastic cover protects fingers from getting sharpened as well. In a classic black, the Kyocera Steel Sharpening is a handy addition to any kitchen with premiere blades. Keep your arsenal of culinary weapons at peak precision with the Kyocera Steel Sharpening.

Not for use with ceramic blades, only for sharpening traditional metal knives.

Kyocera scavenged the globe for a material of superior hardness to construct knives out of. Kyocera blades are made of ceramic, a material whose components are naturally found in the earth. Second in hardness to diamonds and 50 percent harder than steel, ceramic is an ideal material for blade construction. With extreme edge retention and traditional Japanese construction, Kyocera knives are a legend among cutlery.

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